Do You Raise the Money Now or Wait for the Need?
We are constantly meeting with prospective investors to grow our investor pool. We do not receive investor commitments or actual dollars until 45 to 60 days prior to closing on the purchase of an investment providing for an immediate return on your dollars invested.

How Often Is Cash Distributed to Investors?
Unless the distribution schedule is defined differently by a lending institution, cash is distributed quarterly. Some lenders limit cash distributions to twice annually.

When Do I Receive My First Distribution?
Because your money is invested immediately, you should start earning a return on day one and will typically receive your first distribution after the end of theĀ first full quarter of operations.

Will the Distributions I Receive Be Taxable As Ordinary Income?
Investors will be allocated their proportion share of income, expenses and depreciation. Investors should consult their tax advisors on the exact tax cost benefit for their specific situation.

Why Is This Investment Preferable to Buying a Publicly Traded Reit?
Perry Commercial RE Investments has developed an investment model that allows investors to understand each underlying asset; see, touch and feel the investment before deciding to invest. This model provides for direct access to the investment team and property operators to answer questions.