Tenant Representation

The trust that is placed in the hands of commercial real estate brokers by owners of businesses that are seeking assistance in identifying and locating offices for their companies is critically important. That process is not taken lightly by our professionals when retained to assist these clients, and we have been extremely successful in helping those business owners with the leasing of new office space or the purchase of a property for their new home to house their business.

That trust involves our professional competency which has been acquired while representing tenants and landlords for a combined track record over 700 transactions in over sixty years in our profession. That trust also requires that our professionals have the necessary experience in successfully completing transactions on their behalf.

Be sure to ask any broker you interview the following:

  1. TRANSACTIONAL EXPERIENCE - How much experience THEY have in completing transactions,
  2. REFERENCES - Ask them to allow you to pick out names from a list of their clients so that you can call them yourself,
  3. MARKET KNOWLEDGE - Feel free to ask them about trends and rental rates as well as overall activity in areas you are considering for your next office space,
  4. RELATIONSHIPS – Ask them how many transactions they have completed in any one submarket or building that you may be considering,
  5. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE – Ask them what other qualifications they possess whether it be legal training, MBA degree, or any other credentials that may prove helpful in your negotiations.
  6. COMPARE WISELY BEFORE SELECTING A BROKER – The larger firms are not always the best personnel to work with as they often use a senior broker to close the business while then anointing a junior broker to do the vast majority of work.

Our mission starts with understanding a client’s business and what kind of office space they really need. In today’s world, businesses are constantly changing how they conduct their business and what business tools they require to remain competitive.

The location of any company’s office is also critical, and there are several examples leasing office spaces are changing based on how business owners can differentiate themselves from the competition.

Finally, the office also needs to be sufficiently updated to attract talented personnel who really want to go to their office and do their work while feeling that their workspace will help them be successful.

Perry Commercial RE focuses on what is in the best interests of our clients….not our brokers.

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